Sanitary Plumbing and Drainage

There are several systems that can be considered to remove sewage from a site, depending on infrastructure available, slope of the land and treatment/pumping if required.

The gravity sewerage system is the traditional method that takes advantage of the natural slope of the land. AnotherĀ is a low-pressure sewer system that collects waste from the building and delivers it to a tank/chamber complete with a submersible pump. The waste is treated within the tank and then pumped via a small pressure line to the connection point via a boundary valve.

The vacuum sewerage system is another alternative method to removing waste from the site. It is generally used in areas that feature water charged ground, reclaimed ground, flat areas and recreational areas. A vacuum system requires a central vacuum station, complete with collection tanks, vacuum and discharge pumps and controls

The system is controlled by electricity so requires additional power supply and alarms in case of power failure. Any alternate system, other than the traditional gravity system, requires approval from the local regulatory authorities for that area.